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19 May 2013 - 22 May 2013 Bangkok, Thailand

SANDEE organized a three-day workshop with the aim of strengthening public policy skills amongst practicing environmental economists and analysts. Building on the disciplines of economics, political science and research methods, the course provided a set of practical tools for addressing policy issues. The goals of the training was to help researchers think critically about policy requirements, develop analytical skills using topical issues as examples, and incorporate policy analysis in a systematic and rigorous way into environmental economics research.

The workshop built on a series of 10 steps for undertaking policy analyses.

1. Define and frame a public policy problem (also known as problem definition or identification)
2. Use a variety of policy models to research the policy problem
3. Identify key stakeholders and stakeholder perspectives
4. Identify relevant criteria and measures to evaluate policy options (alternatives)
5. Establish possible policy options including the status quo
6. Collect additional evaluative data to assess policy options
7. Assess the outcome of each policy option according to each criterion
8. Assess the possible tradeoffs among options, and rank options
9. Recommend an action based on your policy analysis
10. Communicate your recommendation and reasoning to decision-makers

Class sessions combine lectures, discussion, class exercises, presentations, and interactive work. A high level of participation is essential for successful completion of this course.

Course Instructor:

Dr. Nancy Olewiler
Director, School of Public Policy
Simon Frazer University
Vancouver, Canada

Prof. Olewiler teachers a similar course in Vancouver and has developed shorter version of the course for environmental researchers and analysts from different parts of Asia.


Agenda PA 2013

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Participant List PA 2013

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Evaluation PA 2013

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