Mr. Himmayatullah Khan

Professor of Economics
Institute of Development Studies (IDS), The University of Agriculture

Address :

Peshawar, Pakistan

SANDEE Grant Period:

16-06-2002 to 16-12-2003

SANDEE Publications :

  1. Khan, H.(2004), 'Demand for Eco-tourism:Estimating Recreational Benefits from the Margalla Hills National Park in Northern Pakistan', SANDEE Working Paper No.5-04
  2. Khan, H. (2004),'Capturing the market for recreation: Estimating entry charges for the Margalla hills National Park in Pakistan', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 5-04

Other Publications :

  1. Khan, H. (2007), 'Poverty, environment and economic growth: exploring the links among three complex issues with specific focus on the Pakistan's case', Environment, Development and Sustainability. DOI 10.1007/s10668-007-9092-5
  2. Khan, H. (2006), ‘Willingness to pay Margalla Hills National Park: Evidence from Travel Cost Method', Lahore Journal of Economics, Vol. 11(2):43-70.
  3. Khan, H. (2006), ‘Poverty, Environment and Economic Growth', in ‘Troubled Times: Sustainable Development and Governance in the Age of Extremes' published by SDPI and Sama Editorial and Publication Services, Karachi, pg. no, 187-203, ISBN # 969-8784-40-3.


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