Mr. Md. Abdul Saboor

Associate Professor
Arid Agriculture University

Address :

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

SANDEE Grant Period:

04-11-2010 to 04-05-2012

SANDEE Publications :

Tracing the Impact of Climate Change on major Crops in Pakistan: A Ricardian Analysis (SANDEE Research Project)

Other Publications :

  1. Mahmood, H. Z, S. Iftikhar, A. Saboor, A. Khan and M. Khan, 2015. Agriculture Land Resources and Food Security Nexus in Punjab, Pakistan: An Empirical Ascertainment, Food and Agriculture Immunology.
  2. Hussain, A., F. Zulfiqar and A. Saboor, 2014 Changing food patterns across the seasons in rural Pakistan: Analysis of food variety, dietary diversity and calorie intake, Journal Ecology of Food and Nutrition Vol. 53 (2), pp 119-141.
  3. Kausar R., S. N. Mirza, A, Saboor, A. Saleem and B. Khalid, 2013. Role of Ecotourism in Promoting and sustaining conservation of Nature: A Case Study of Murree forest recreational resort. Pak. J. Agri. Sci., Vol. 50(3), 463-468.
  4. Sadozai, K. N. A. Saboor, M.A. Khan, D. Jan and G. Ali. 2013. Analyzing the impact of farmer field school on technical efficiency of cotton growers in southern districts of Punjab-Pakistan: Stochastic Production Frontier Approach, Sarhad Jr of Agri., Vol 29 (2), 291-298.
  5. Hussain, A., A. Saboor, M. A. Khan, A. Q. Mohsin and F. Sahi., 2012. Technical Efficiency of Wheat Production in Rain-Fed Area: A Case Study of Punjab, Pakistan. Pak. J. Agri. Sci. Vol. 49 (3), 411-417.
  6. Shakoor, U., A. Saboor, I. Ali. And A. Q. Mohsin. 2011. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture: Empirical Evidence from Arid Region. Pak. J. Agri. Sci., Vol. 48 (4).

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Climate Change, Food Security and Poverty


Sri Lanka

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