Mr. Krishna Prasad Pant

Project Design and Formulation Expert
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

SANDEE Publications :

  1.  Pant, K. P. (2013), 'Monetary Incentives to Reduce Open-Field Rice-Straw Burning in the Plains of Nepal', SANDEE Working Paper No. 81 - 13
  2. Pant, K. P. (2013), 'What Incentives Do Farmers Need to Stop Biomass Burning? - Examining the Results from a Reverse Auction Study from Nepal', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 75 - 14
  3. Pant, K. P. (2008), 'Estimating Health Benefits when Behaviors are Endogenous: A Case of Indoor Air Pollution in Rural Nepal', SANDEE Working Paper No. 34 - 08
  4. Pant, K. P. (2008), 'Open Fires, Dirty Air and Respiratory Diseases? Examining Health Costs from Indoor Air Pollution in Nepal', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 31 - 08


Other Publications :

  1. Pant, K.P (2013), 'Misuse of domestic resources increases import dependency: case of dung cake fuel and demand for chemical fertilizers in Nepal', World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development Vol. 10 Issue 1, pp. 42-54.
  2. Pant, K.P.,G.Rasul  (2013), 'Role of Payment for Environmental Services in Improving Livelihoods and Promoting Green Economy: Empirical Evidence from a Himalayan Watershed in Nepal', Journal of Environmental Professional Sri Lanka, Vol 2, No 1 pp. 1-11. 
  3. Pant, K.P.( 2012), 'Climate change and food security in Nepal', The Journal of Agriculture and Environment, Vol. 13, pp. 9-19.
  4. Pant, K.P (2012), 'Cheaper Fuel and higher Health Costs among the Poor in Rural Nepal', AMBIO: A Journal of the Human Environment Volume 41, Issue 3, pp. 271-283. 
  5. Pant, K.P (2011),"Economics of Climate Change for Smallholder Farmers in Nepal: A Review", The Journal of Agriculture and Environment, Vol 12, pp. 113-126. 
  6. Pant KP 2010. More Profitable Rice Varieties Crowd the Beneficial Landraces Out, The Journal of9 Agriculture and Environment, Vol. 11, pp. 1-9.
  7. Pant ,K.P (2009), 'Effects of Agriculture on Climate Change: A Cross Country Study of Factors Affecting Carbon Emissions', The Journal of Agriculture and Environment Vol. 10, pp 72- 88. 
  8. Pant, K. P, G.Rasul, N.Chettri, K. R. Rai and E.Sharma (2012), 'Value of Forest Ecosystem Services: A quantitative estimation from the Kangchenjunga landscape in eastern Nepal', ICIMOD Working Paper 2012/5, Lalitpur
  9. Pant ,K.P, J.C.Gautam and E.Wale ( 2011),'Valuation of rice diversity in Nepal: a trait-based approach',Chapter 3. In Wale E, A G Drucker and K K. Zander (edts) 2010 The Economics of Managing Crop Diversity On-farm Case studies from the Genetic Resources Policy Initiative, Earthscan, London

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Food Safety


Sri Lanka

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