Mr. Ridish K. Pokharel

Professor, Planning Chief
Tribhuwan University

Address :

Kirtipur, Nepal

SANDEE Grant Period:

28-09-2005 to 28-12-2006

SANDEE Publications :

Pokharel, R. K. (2008), 'Nepal's Community Forestry Funds: Do They Benefit the Poor?', SANDEE Working Paper No. 31-08
Pokharel, R. (2008), 'Do Community Forestry Funds Target the Poor ? A Study from Nepal', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 30 - 08

Other Publications :

  1. Pokharel, Ridish K. (2012), 'Factors influencing the management regime of Nepal's community forestry', Forest Policy and Economics, 17: 13 - 17.
  2. Pokharel, R. K., Rayamajhi, S. and Tiwari, K. R. (2012), 'Nepal's Community Forestry: Need of Better Governance', (Book Chapter), In C. A. Okia (ed.), Global Perspectives on Sustainable Forest Management, INTECH Open Access Publisher:43-58.
  3. Pokharel, Ridish K. (2010). Generating income from Nepal's community forestry: Does timber matter? Journal of Forest and Livelihood, 9 (1): 16 - 20.
  4. Pokharel, Ridish K. (2010), 'Development of community infrastructure through community forestry funds: What infrastructure gets priority?', Banko Janakari, 20 (1): 44 - 50.
  5. Pokharel, Ridish K. (2009), 'Pro-poor programs financed through Nepal's community forestry funds: Does income matter? ', Mountain Research and Development, 29 (1): 67 - 74.

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Institutions and governance; climate change and household level adaptive capacity
Gender and equity; community fund mobilization; development of criteria and indicators for community based resource management


Sri Lanka

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