Mr. Kishor Atreya


Address :

Chidika, Arghakhanchi, Lumbini

SANDEE Grant Period:

16-02-2004 to 16-02-2005

SANDEE Publications :

  1. Atreya, K. (2008), 'Pesticide Use in Nepal: Understanding Health Costs from Short-term Exposure', SANDEE Working Paper No. 28-07
  2. Atreya, K. (2008), 'Pesticide Exposure - a Growing Problem for Nepal's Farmers', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 27-08

Other Publications :

  1. Atreya, K. (2004), ‘A Pilot Study on Pesticide Use, Acute Symptoms and Willingness to Pay for Safer Pesticides in a Commercial Area, Nepal', GDNet Document Store.
  2. Atreya, K. (2005), ‘Health costs of pesticide use in a vegetable growing area, central mid-hills, Nepal', Himalayan Journal of Sciences 3(5): 83-86.
  3. Atreya, K (2007), ‘Farmers' willingness to pay for community integrated pest management training in Nepal,' Agriculture and Human Values 24:399-409
  4. Atreya, K.  (2007), 'Pesticide use knowledge and practices: a gender differences in Nepal', in Environmental Research, Vol. 104, Pg. 305 - 311, Elsevier Science Publication
  5. Atreya, K. (2008), ' Health costs from short-term exposure to pesticides in Nepal', Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 67, 511-519
  6. Atreya, K. (2008), 'Probabilistic assessment of acute health symptoms related to pesticide use under intensified Nepalese agriculture', International Journal of Environmental Health Research, Vol. 18 No. 3, pp. 187-208


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