Mr. Prasenjit Sarkel

Assistant Professor
University of Kalyani

Address :

Kalyani, West Bengal, India

SANDEE Grant Period:

15-08-2006 to 15-08-2008

SANDEE Publications :

  1. Sarkhel, P. (2013), 'Examining Private Participation in Embankment Maintenance in the Indian Sundarbans',  SANDEE Working Paper No. 75 - 12
  2. Sarkhel, P. (2013), 'Private Initiatives for Managing Embankments in the Indian Sundarbans', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 69 - 13

Other Publications :

  1. Sarkhel, P. ( 2015), 'Flood Risks, Land Use and Private Participation in Embankment Maintenance in Indian Sundarbans', Ecological Economics 118, 272-284
    doi: 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2015.08.003
  2. Sarkhel, P., S. Banerjee and S.D. Banerjee (2015), 'Willingness to pay before and after program implementation: the case of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Bally Municipality, India', Environment Development and Sustainability
    doi:10.1007/s10668-015-9659-5, Print ISSN :1387-585X
  3. Sarkhel, P., and S.D. Banerjee (2015), 'Biases and Reliability of WTP estimates from Contingent Valuation responses: A study based on Solid Waste Management services in Bally Municipality Howrah', Arthaniti, XI (1-2), 2012 published in February, 2015, ISSN 0976-7479
  4. Sarkhel, P., (2015), 'Who will haul the trash? Provision of Waste Management Services in Bally Municipality, Howrah', in Mahalaya Chatterjee and Anis Mukhopadhyay eds. ‘Urbanization in Howrah: A Socio Economic Perspective'. Primus Publishers New Delhi, ISBN 978-93-84082-39-0, pp 268-284

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Impact Evaluation of Environmental Regulations and Mechanism design
Non-market Valuation
Rural Livelihood, Common Property Resource and Climate Change



Sri Lanka

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