Mr. Arabinda Mishra

Senior Social Scientist

Address :

Khumaltar, Nepal

SANDEE Grant Period:

12-07-2001 to 12-01-2003

SANDEE Publications :

Mishra, A. (2008), 'Determinants of Fuelwood Use in Rural Orissa: Implications for Energy Transition', SANDEE Working Paper No. 37- 08
Mishra, A. (2008), 'Fuel for the clean energy debate? A study of fuelwood collection and purchase in rural India', SANDEE Policy Brief No. 34 - 08

Other Publications :

  1. Mishra A. (2008), 'Is the state passé? Competing domains in Forestry in Orissa', in Promise, Trust and Evolution (eds.), Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  2. Sud R, A Mishra, N Varma, S Bhadwal (2015), 'Adaptation policy and practice in densely populated glacier-fed river basins of South Asia: a systematic review', Regional Environmental Change, 15(5): 825-836, Springer (DOI 10.1007/s10113-014-0711-z)
  3. Singh S, A Mishra (2014), 'Deforestation induced costs on the drinking water supplies of Mumbai metropolitan, India', Global Environmental Change, Elsevier. (DOI information: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2014.04.020)
  4. Singh, S. and A Mishra (2014), 'Spatiotemporal analysis of the effects of forest covers on stream water quality in Western Ghats of peninsular India', Journal of Hydrology, 519: 214-224. Elsevier B.V. (
  5. Moors E, T. Singh, C. Siderius, S. Balakrishnan, A. Mishra (2013), 'Climate change and waterborne diarrhoea in northern India: Impacts and adaptation strategies', Sci Total Environ (2013),
  6. Singh S, A Mishra (2012), 'Spatiotemporal analysis of the effects of forest covers on water yield in the Western Ghats of peninsular India', Journal of Hydrology, Elsevier B.V

Current Research Area/ Interests :

Climate change - vulnerability assessment, adaptation policy and practice, economics of climate change; 
Energy access - renewable energy systems, rural electrification, co-benefits and their valuation; 
Ecosystems and ecosystem services - PES, community institutions


Sri Lanka

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