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Announcement of Course on Programme Evaluation for natural Resource and Environmental Economists

Duration: 21 Sep 2018 To 23 Oct 2018

SANDEE Advanced Course on Programme Evaluation for Natural Resource and Environmental Economists 14 -15 December 2018 Application Deadline : 22 October 2018

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Call for concept notes

Duration: 01 Jun 2018 To 20 Jun 2018

Research on the Economics of Natural Resource Use and Environmental Change Deadline: 9 June 2018

Summer School on Environmental and Resource Economics, 30 Apr - 18 May 2018 ( Application deadline : 22 Feb 2018)

Duration: 31 Jan 2018 To 30 Apr 2018

The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) is organizing a three-week training course on Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from 30 April–18 May 2018.

Interaction Programme on Research-Policy Interface: mainstreaming Payment for Ecosystem Services in Nepal

Duration: 04 Sep 2017 To 30 Nov 2017

Photo credit : Naresh Newar Minister for Forests and Soil Conservation Hon. Shankar Bhandari said priority has been given to conservation program at community level to improve bio-diversity conservation and ecosystem at an Interaction Programme on Research -Policy Interface : Mainstreaming Payment for Ecosystem Services in Nepal organized by the Ministry, ICIMOD, Green Governance Nepal - GGN and the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics - Sandee in Kathmandu, Nepal on November 9,2016.

Training Workshop on Situation Analysis of Environmental Statistics for developing Bangladesh Environmental Statistics Framework 2016 in Dhaka

Duration: 07 Mar 2017 To 31 Mar 2017

Dr Mahfuz Kabir spoke at Expert Group Training Workshop on Situation Analysis of Environmental Statistics for developing Bangladesh Environmental Statistics Framework 2016.

Inception workshop to initiate a research project on "The Economics of solid waste management & drainage: sustainable approach to making South Asian cities- climate resilient"

Duration: 07 Mar 2017 To 30 Apr 2017

SANDEE, ACD and IWM conducted a two-day research inception workshop in Bharatpur, Chitwan during March 2-3,2017.

SANDEE remembers Kenneth Arrow

Duration: 23 Feb 2017 To 31 Mar 2017

SANDEE remembers Kenneth Arrow, the greatest economist that we were privileged to meet in our lifetimes, who generously gave his time to help our researchers at the 5th Research and Training Workshop in Rajendrapur, Bangladesh, during December 16-21,2002.

With a Little Push, Technology could help clear the air in Delhi-NCR

Duration: 14 Nov 2016 To 31 Dec 2016

Over the past week, Delhi has remained under the grip of dense smog. This year's pollution levels are the highest ever measured in two decades. Newspapers reported that much of this pollution originated in the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana where farmers burn their fields to dispose crop residue. But they were short on providing solutions to deal with the problem of burning of agricultural fields. There is, in fact, a simple, practical, and cost-effective way to eliminate most of the smog that envelopes Delhi and the entire northwest of the country every November.

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Media campaign effective in combating heat wave mortality by Saudamini Das

Duration: 09 Sep 2016 To 31 Dec 2016

In the eastern Indian state of Odisha, for instance, some 2,000 people died in a heat wave in 1998. In 2015, heat waves hit a number of states in India including Delhi, with deaths numbering more than 2,500. A majority of the deaths were in the eastern states of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In response to the 1998 heat wave crisis, the Odisha government introduced a number of awareness campaigns that alerted people to the dangers posed by heat waves. They also provided advice on how people should protect themselves. The campaigns were continued in subsequent years and intensified from 2007 with the use of multiple electronic media.

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Designing a Payment for Ecosystem Services Scheme for the Sardukhola Watershed in Nepal

Duration: 18 Jul 2016 To 31 Aug 2016

This study was undertaken in the Sardukhola sub-watershed of eastern Nepal to illustrate how local policy instruments can be used to supplement government water supply. We discuss a strategy for using Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) to meet water demand in Dharan Municipality in Nepal.

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32nd Biannual Research and Training Workshop, Waikkal, Sri Lanka

Duration: 22 Jun 2016 To 30 Jun 2016

SANDEE's 32nd Biannual Research and Training Workshop was held in Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkal, Negombo, Sri Lanka from June 15-18, 2016. SANDEE's research associates presented their final and progress reports during the research and training workshop.

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Performance Assessment of Crop Insurance Schemes in Odisha in Eastern India

Duration: 22 Jun 2016 To 31 Jul 2016

Agriculture is a highly risky venture mainly due to uncertainty in crop production emanating from natural causes including unpredictable weather events and pest attacks, which leads governments to implement various crop insurance schemes in order to provide economic support to farmers in the event of crop failure.

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Green growth in Bangladesh - Improving regulations, monitoring and enforcement in the textile sector

Duration: 18 Jun 2016 To 30 Jun 2016

Textile and garment factories are among the largest contributors to both industrial employment and pollution in Bangladesh. Bangladesh, like many other countries, struggles with the enforcement of its environmental rules.

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Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics

Duration: 06 Jun 2016 To 31 May 2016

SANDEE Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics from May 9 - 26, 2016 was held in AIT Conference Center from May 9, Monday. The Summer School seeks to introduce economists to different themes in Environmental and Development Economics.

Ecosystem services- An agenda for research in South Asia

Duration: 19 Apr 2016 To 31 Aug 2015

Ecosystem services make important contributions to human well-being. South Asia is witnessing a rapid deterioration of local and regional ecosystems. What are some research priorities for managing South Asia's ecosystem services, as identified by a group of scientists and practitioners?

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Promote Rainwater Harvesting to Assist Farmers in Nepal Adapt to Climate Change, Policy Brief by Rishi Kattel

Duration: 19 Apr 2016 To 26 May 2016

Farmers in Nepal face a number of weather-related challenges, including uncertain rainfall. These problems affect food security in the country. One effective response is to provide farmers with training and support to help them adopt rainwater-harvesting based irrigation.

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Reducing fertilizer dependency in paddy farming: Should we change our approach? In Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka

Duration: 02 Feb 2016 To 29 Feb 2016

Sri Lanka's paddy farming solely depended on organic fertilizer many years ago but the use of chemical fertilizer is now on the rise and has become a much-discussed topic. Many argue that farmers use excessive chemical fertilizer, well above the recommended levels...

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Valuing and Designing Payment Systems for Ecosystem Services - a short course held in conjunction with EAERE 2016, Apply Now

Duration: 05 Jan 2016 To 27 Jan 2016

Payment systems for ecosystem services (PES) have expanded rapidly in the decade since the publication of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Most PES systems pertain to regulating services, and they aim to

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What do economists have to say about the impacts of climate change in South Asia? Policy Brief by SANDEE's Executive Director

Duration: 05 Jan 2016 To 29 Jan 2016

Global warming has changed the climate in South Asia. Studies by SANDEE researchers and others show that this warming has significantly decreased crop production and manufacturing output in the region.

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SANDEE's 31st Biannual Research and Training Workshop, Gokarna Forest Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal (Dec 10 - 13, 2015)

Duration: 11 Dec 2015 To 25 Dec 2015

SANDEE's 31st Biannual Research and Training Workshop will be held in Gokarna Forest Resort, in Kathmandu, Nepal from December 10 - 13, 2015. SANDEE's research associates will present their final and progress reports during the Research and Training Workshop. International and regional resource person will attend this four day workshop and advise the researchers on their research projects.

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The Public and Private Benefits from Organic Farming in Pakistan

Duration: 30 Nov 2015 To 31 Dec 2015

Organic agriculture can benefit both the environment and farmers in Pakistan. Growing organic crops can be at least as profitable as growing conventional crops because of lower input costs and higher output prices. For instance, in the Punjab area, input costs per hectare in organic wheat and rice farms are 20% and 10% lower than their conventional counterparts. While yields in organic farms also tend to be lower than conventional farms, these farms do better in terms of soil health.

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Will Indian farmers respond to the call for increased biofuel production? Evidence from Northeastern India

Duration: 06 Nov 2015 To 27 Nov 2015

In India, biofuel has gained in popularity in recent years because of its potential as a clean energy source and a means to stimulate rural development. Yet, growth in Jatropha, a key bio-fuel crop, is not increasing as expected. In order to better understand whether biofuel can be an alternate energy source, a SANDEE study assessed the factors that influence the adoption and continued production of Jatropha plantations in North East India.

The Happy Seeder: An Agricultural Solution to Air Pollution in South Asia, SANDEE Research Study by Ridhima Gupta

Duration: 06 Nov 2015 To 31 Dec 2015

One of the key environmental problems facing South Asia is a layer of air pollution, known as the Atmospheric Brown Cloud that covers large parts of the region. Much of this pollution is caused by farmers burning agricultural field residue. This pollution has a significant negative impact on people's health and on regional climate and crop output. A recent SANDEE study from India's Punjab region looks at the factors that drive field residue burning.

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SANDEE Research Study published in Environmental and Resource Economics

Duration: 06 Nov 2015 To 16 Dec 2015

This paper describes the design, implementation and results of a uniform-price reverse auction and real payment system to incentivize the avoidance of open-field burning of rice straw by smallholder farmers in Nepal. The main objective of the study was to reveal the private costs to farmers of avoiding rice straw burning. The study used survey and auction data from a sample of 317 farmers from 18 villages in Southern Nepal. Using a sealed bid one-shot reverse auction a level of payment ..

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How to Stop the Pollution Caused by Burning Rice Residue? A Study from Bangladesh, by Mohammed Ziaul Haider

Duration: 06 Nov 2015 To 26 Nov 2015

Rice is the most important crop in Bangladesh. Rice straw, produced as a by-product, can be used for many purposes. However, farmers burn a great deal of straw, contributing to a range of environmental pollution problems including atmospheric brown clouds and black carbon. This Brief examines farmer behaviour in Bangladesh and discusses whether farmers can be induced to use other methods to get rid of rice residue.

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Potential benefits and earnings from improving the water quality of Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, India, SANDEE Research study by Prajna Mishra

Duration: 23 Oct 2015 To 27 Nov 2015

To finance much-needed water quality improvements in Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, park authorities should consider increasing the entry fee for enjoying this well-used lake from its current level of INR 10 to enter Lumbini Park to at least INR 20 per visit. This will boost yearly revenues by 80% and provide financial resources that can be used to clean the lake and its surroundings.

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Corporates and the Environment: External pressure pushes Sri Lanka's Garment and Apparel sector towards Good Environmental Practices

Duration: 23 Oct 2015 To 28 Nov 2015

Companies can gain access to broader export markets, enhance their reputation and reduce internal costs when they improve their environmental performance. An examination of Sri Lanka's textile and apparel sector suggests that export-oriented firms face significant external market pressure to adopt sound environmental practices and save costs from taking these on. While factories respond to domestic environmental regulations, pressure...

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Climate Sensitivity of Groundwater Systems Critical for Agricultural Incomes in South India, By R. Balasubramian

Duration: 15 Sep 2015 To 30 Oct 2015

There are few economic studies that have estimated the impact of climate variables on agriculture by identifying their impacts on irrigation sources, even though irrigation serves as a critical adaptation strategy for farmers' in water-deficit countries such as India. In this study, we examine the implications of variations in climate variables on ground water sources of irrigation and agricultural income in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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Visitor entrance fees can pay for marine turtle conservation at the Rekawa sanctuary in Sri Lanka

Duration: 08 Sep 2015 To 30 Sep 2015

To protect endangered turtles that nest in one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka wildlife officials need to consider increasing the entrance fee charged for turtle watching. Increasing the entry fees will result in additional annual revenues of LKR 70 million to sanctuary managers. These revenues can be used to fund turtle protection and to involve local households in turtle conservation.

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How much do local people value watersheds? -- Read this new SANDEE/ICIMOD Study

Duration: 26 Aug 2015 To 31 Aug 2015

A Choice Experiment in Nepal gives us an understanding of people's preferences for ecosystem services. To help policy-makers act to improve watershed conservation, a new SANDEE study in collaboration with the Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Program of ICIMOD has assessed the value of the services provided by the watershed that drains into the Koshi River Basin in central Nepal.

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On the road to Paris -- Environment and Development concerns in Bhutan

Duration: 26 Aug 2015 To 25 Aug 2015

Even as the world focuses on COP 21 in Paris, our attention cannot waver from regular development needs. Bhutan has done more than most countries in the world to protect nature and integrate conservation into development. Access to clean water and good sanitation are core requirements of economic development and SANDEE research suggests that Bhutanese are demanding better access.

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Panel on Environment and Development in Sri Lanka, SANDEE's 30th Biannual Workshop, July 2015

Duration: 28 Jul 2015 To 31 Jul 2015

On June 27th, SANDEE launched its 30th Research and Training workshop in Negombo, Sri Lanka with a panel discussion on environment and development in Sri Lanka. This was followed by research presentations by SANDEE researchers.

Pakistan and India 'unprepared' for heatwaves ... read the full article in Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) Website

Duration: 28 Jul 2015 To 31 Aug 2015

There are clear links between government communication and fewer deaths from heat stroke. The recent searing heat waves in the sub-continent have proved fatal to hundreds. The unforgiving heat has spared no one.

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Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics, Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkal, Sri Lanka

Duration: 23 Jul 2015 To 15 Jul 2015

We organized the Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics from 4-10 July, 2015. Sir Partha Dasgupta, Prof. Subhrendu Pattanayak, Prof. A.K. Enamul Haque and Prof. Mani Nepal were the core-faculty of the course.

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SANDEE's Call for Research Concept Notes on Managing Environmental Changes, Ongoing Call

Duration: 09 Jun 2015 To 31 May 2015

SANDEE is currently inviting concept notes for policy research on Managing Environmental Changes. Selected concept notes will lead to an invitation to submit full research proposals that will be further reviewed for grant consideration. SANDEE is currently inviting concept notes for policy research on Managing Environmental Changes. Selected concept notes will lead to an invitation to submit full research proposals that will be further reviewed for grant consideration.

Development talks - Environmental Economics - Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Duration: 18 May 2015 To 31 May 2015

SIDA's Director General Charlotte Petri Gornitzka opened a workshop on May 5th in Stockholm, Sweden on environmental economics as a strategy for sustainability.

Train More Energy Economists | The Nature | International Weekly Journal of Science

Duration: 18 May 2015 To 31 May 2015

Indian scientists identify priorities for research and education in Nature. In this issue, SANDEE Fellow Joyashree Roy discusses the SANDEE model and argues for increasing environment and energy economists in the country.

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SANDEE discussion on 'Implementing global agendas at the local scale' at the IGBP meetings in IIASA, Vienna

Duration: 22 Apr 2015 To 29 May 2015

30th Scientific Committee Meeting of IGBP, International Symposium & Public Lecture: "Integrated Science for Sustainable Transitions" | 28 April 2015 - 30 April 2015 | IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

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SANDEE - ACD Research and Writing Workshop in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics | Dhaka, Bangladesh | May 24 - 28, 2015

Duration: 22 Apr 2015 To 29 May 2015

Application Submission Deadline: May 3, 2015 The Asian Centre for Development (ACD) and the South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) are jointly organizing a Research and Writing Workshop in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from May 24 - 28, 2015in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The objectives of the workshop are to introduce researchers to current policy-research concerns related to environment and development across South Asia, develop research proposal writing skills among researchers beginning to work on the economics of environmental problems, encourage empirical research that can contribute to sustainable development in Bangladesh and across South Asia and examine options for cross-country research. The workshop will provide practical training where participants first identify research issues and then develop research proposals with guidance from local and international experts.

Environmental Compliance and the Textile Industry in South Asia - A regional discussion at the Sustainable Development Conference, December 9, Islamabad, Pakistan

Duration: 01 Apr 2015 To 28 Feb 2015

Inception Workshop for SANDEE Funded Project on The Role of Subsidy Policy in Enhancing Adoption of Micro - Irrigation Systems (MIS) in Gujarat, February 20, 2015

Duration: 10 Mar 2015 To 25 Feb 2015

4 Impressions from SANDEE's First Media Workshop - The Himalayan mountains provided the stunning backdrop for SANDEE's first 'Writing for Impact' workshop.

Duration: 03 Mar 2015 To 31 Mar 2015

The Himalayan mountains provided the stunning backdrop for SANDEE’s first ‘Writing for Impact’ workshop. The three-day workshop, held at the Dhulikhel Mountain Resort one hour northeast of Kathmandu on the road to Tibet, attracted 20 researchers fro

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Carbon growth is the same in REDD+ and non-REDD+ sites says Dr. Bishnu P. Sharma, Dasgupta Fellow, SANDEE and Associate Prof. (Tribhuvan University) during a Multi-Stakeholders workshop on

Duration: 23 Feb 2015 To 27 Mar 2015

Winter School in Research Methods and Communications | Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Kavre, Dhulikhel, Nepal | February 6 -12, 2015

Duration: 18 Feb 2015 To 16 Jan 2015

Prof.Enamul Haque, Professor of Economics at United International University, Dhaka delivered a lecture on

Duration: 16 Jan 2015 To 31 Jan 2015

SANDEE- a short video presented at NCSE, January, 2013, Washington DC.

Duration: 09 Jan 2015 To 30 Jan 2014

Understanding REDD+: What and how can we learn from Pilots? Plenary during SANDEE's Biannual Meeting in Park Village Resort by Dr. Erin Sills, Dec 7, 2014

Duration: 09 Jan 2015 To 31 Jan 2015

Natural Capital for Inclusive Growth: Options and Tools for South Asia - A Policy Dialogue for Senior Policy Makers, December 17-19, 2014, Kolkata, India

Duration: 09 Jan 2015 To 31 Dec 2014

Article on "Residue Burning in South Asia" in Global Change Magazine (December Issue) based on SANDEE Research Studies

Duration: 11 Dec 2014 To 31 Dec 2014

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Environment and Development - Plenary during Biannual Research and Training Workshop, 7th Dec. 2014, Park Village Resort, Budanilkantha, Nepal

Duration: 11 Dec 2014 To 13 Dec 2014

Disseminating SANDEE research findings on Environmental Practices in the Hotel Industry in Sri Lanka, Researcher: Kanchana Wickramasinghe

Duration: 30 Oct 2014 To 30 Nov 2014

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SANDEE Founder Sir Partha Dasgupta receives the European Lifetime Achievement in Environmental Economics Award

Duration: 24 Jul 2014 To 11 Aug 2014

We are delighted to inform you about awards to two SANDEEites at the recent World Congress in Environment and Resource Economics in Istanbul, Turkey. SANDEE Founder Sir Partha Dasgupta received the European Lifetime Achievement in Environmental Economic

World Congress of Environment and Resource Economists, Istanbul 2014 -- Key Note Presentation by Prof. Somanathan

Duration: 18 Jul 2014 To 31 Aug 2014

State of the Planet Declaration from PUP

Duration: 05 Jul 2013 To 31 Mar 2011

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