• 2015 Blue Planet Prize

    Sir Partha Dasgupta, founder member of SANDEE wins the prestigious Blue Planet Prize for 2015 jointly with Prof. Jeffrey Sachs

  • EAERE 2015

    SANDEE team in the Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Helsinki, Finland

  • SANDEE Annual Report

    Year 2014

  • Profitability in Organic Farming

    Research article in the Dawn Pakistan by Muhammad Iftikhar UI Husnain and Md. Khan....

  • Policies and Programs for Greener Development

    Evaluation of different environmental policies, regulations and programs and their implications for sustainable development

  • Ecosystems Management

    Analysis of ecosystem changes, conserving ecosystems, and institutional arrangements to manage ecosystem services

  • Economics of Climate Change

    Analysis of climate change impacts, adaptation measures, mitigation strategies, and institutions and policies for long-term adjustment to climate change

news and events

30th Biannual Research and Training Workshop

SANDEE's 30th Biannual Research and Training Workshop will be held in Negombo, Sri Lanka from June 29 - July 3, 2015. SANDEE's research associate will present their final and progress reports during this workshop and the new researchers presented their research proposals. read more

Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics, Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkal, Sri Lanka

We are organizing a Summer School in Environmental and Resource Economics from 4-10 July, 2015. The workshop seeks to introduce economists to different themes in environment and development economics and to provide skills to teach and carry out research in this area. read more

Nepal Earthquake Relief Support Fund

As you know, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal on April 25th, leaving more than 8000 people dead and over 18,000 injured. In the worst affected 14 districts, over 90% of homes were flattened and most school buildings are no more. Nepal continues to experience aftershocks, with the turmoil compounded by another 6.8 magnitude quake on May 12th. read more

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Latest research

Visitor entrance fees can pay for marine turtle conservation at the Rekawa sanctuary in Sri Lanka

To protect endangered turtles that nest in one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka wildlife officials need to consider increasing the entrance fee charged for turtle watching. Researc..read more

Ecosystem Services - An Agenda for Research in South Asia

Ecosystem services make important contributions to human wellbeing. South Asia is witnessing a rapid deterioration of local and regional ecosystems. Many of these ecosystems are exploited beyond what is socially optimal because they exist in e..read more

How much do local people value watersheds? A case study from Nepal

Watersheds are key geographical features that supply a wide range of important environmental and agricultural services. However, in many parts of Nepal, watershed areas are being degraded, with significant negative impacts on local li..read more

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture - Implications for Food Production in Tamil Nadu, India

Policy makers in India need to pay careful attention to the potential impacts of climate change on food production. Research in Tamil Nadu suggests that rice and sorghum yields are likely to decline because ..read more

Does REDD+ Work? Examining the Ecological and Economic Impacts of a Pilot Programme in Nepal

Paying communities to preserve and manage their local forest resources using the internationally recognized REDD+ approach can be a practical and effective way to combat climate change. A ‘before-and-af..read more

Corporates and the Environment: External pressure pushes Sri Lanka's Garment and Apparel sector towards Good Environmental Practices

Companies can gain access to broader export markets, enhance their reputation and reduce internal costs when they improve their environmental performance. An examinatio..read more

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about sandee

SANDEE's mission is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and institutions to undertake research on the inter-linkages among economic development, poverty, and environmental changeand to disseminate practical information that can be applied to development policies.
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Battling heat waves with simple behavioural changes... Saudamini and Priya

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Those 55 Seconds........Blog Post by Anuradha Kafle

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Addressing the housing needs of earthquake victims by Mani Nepal in Setopati

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