• SANDEE's Call for Research Concept Notes, Fall 2014

    Deadline: Nov 30, 2014

  • Ecosystems Management

    Analysis of ecosystem changes, conserving ecosystems, and institutional arrangements to manage ecosystem services.

  • Economics of Climate Change

    Analysis of climate change impacts, adaptation measures, mitigation strategies, and institutions and policies for long-term adjustment to climate change.

  • Policies and Programs for Greener Development

    Evaluation of different environmental policies, regulations and programs and their implications for sustainable development.

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SANDEE's Call for Research Concept Notes, Fall 2014 Deadline: Nov 30, 2014

SANDEE is currently inviting research concept notes under the over-arching theme: Learning across Borders: The Economics of Environment and Natural Resource Management. Selected concept notes that focus on transboundary areas..read more

Advanced Course on Program Evaluation for Natural Resource and Environmental Economists| 2-4 Dec 2014

The South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) is organizing a three-day workshop on Program Evaluation from December 4th to 6th, 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This course i..read more

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Housing and Labor Productivity of Female Tea Pluckers in Sri Lanka

This study analyzes the link between labor productivity of tea-plantation workers in Sri Lanka and their living conditions. The results indicate a significant negative relationship between Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) vulnerable houses..read more

Adoption and Use of Improved Stoves and Biogas Plants in Rural India

Household air pollution remains a dominant health risk, particularly in South Asia. Increasing international attention has focused on improved cookstoves (ICS) as a vehicle for reducing household air pollution, regional environmenta..read more

Will Indian farmers respond to the call for increased biofuel production? Evidence from Northeastern India

In India, biofuel has gained in popularity in recent years because of its potential as a clean energy source and a means to stimulate rural development. Yet, growth in Jatropha, a key bio-fuel c..read more

The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture: A Case Study from Nepal

In Nepal, as in many developing countries, concerns are increasing about the negative impact of climate change on agricultural yields and food security. The Nepalese have already seen changes in their climate that have made it incre..read more

The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production in Nepal

This paper examines the sensitivity of rice yield in Nepal to changes in climate variables and the magnitude of potential impacts on rice productivity in the future. Our findings draw attention to the differential impacts on rice yield dependin..read more

Examining the Impact of Climate Change on Migration through the Agricultural Channel: Evidence from District Level Panel Data from Bangladesh

This paper studies how changes in climatic variables such as temperature and rainfall impact migration through agriculture. We use district level data (64 dist..read more

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SANDEE's mission is to strengthen the capacity of individuals and institutions to undertake research on the inter-linkages among economic development, poverty, and environmental changeand to disseminate practical information that can be applied to development policies.
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Ph.D. Dissertation Scholarships in Environment and Development Economics, Bangladesh
Deadline: 30th Nov 2014

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SANDEE's Call for Research Concept Notes, Fall 2014
Learning across Borders: The Economics of Environment and Natural Resource Management
Deadline: Nov 30, 2014

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PhD Dissertation Scholarship (1st Round Result)

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