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1.    Open Data - The World Bank
The World Bank's Open Data initiative is intended to provide all users with access to World Bank data. The data catalog is a listing of available World Bank data sources. This listing will continue to be updated as additional data resources are added. These resources include databases, pre-formatted tables and reports. Each of the listings includes a description of the data source and a direct link to that source. Where possible, the databases are linked directly to a selection screen to allow users to select the countries, indicators, and years they would like to search. Those search results can be exported in different formats. Users can also choose to download the entire database directly from the catalog.


2.    eSocialSciences
eSocialSciences is an online portal which houses peer-reviewed academic journals and a specialised publication for policy makers, The Indian Legislator. The eSocialSciences portal is however more than the journal. It has other features designed essentially to expand the space for social science research.


3.    Environment and Development Economics (EDE)
An important journal that attempts to focus on developing country problems and actively solicits contributions from developing country researchers.


4.    Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)
One of the best read economics and political journals from India. 


5.    Environmental Valuation Database (ENVALUE)
Developed by the New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency is a systematic collection of environmental valuation studies presented in an on-line database.


6.    Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (EVRI)
Is a searchable storehouse of empirical studies on the economic value of environmental benefits and human health effects. It has been developed as a tool to help policy analysts use the benefits transfer approach.


7.    Tom Tietenberg's Home Page
Contains a Sustainable Development Page, A Tradeable Permits Bibliography and Downloadable Workinga Papers.


8.    International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
IISD's Research Library and database contain information on sustainable development and related topics that are of interest to researchers, policy analysts and business strategist worldwide. Both the library's extensive print collection and its links to hundred of Web sites can be sourced through this web site. 


9.    Indiana University (Workshop in Political Theory & Policy Analysis)
This site is a 'must-see' for researchers interested in property rights related issues. It contains a wealth of information, bibliographies etc.


10. The Digital Libary of the Commons (DLC)
The Digital Library of the Commons (DLC) is an exciting new gateway to the international literature on common pool resources (CPRS). This site contains a working paper archive of author - submitted papers as well as CPR-related digital materials from the workshop in political theory & policy analysis at indiana university


11. Environmental Economics :Economists on Environmental and Natural Resources: News, Opinions and Analysis
A website and blog dedicated to accessible writings on environment and natural resource issues written by economists.


12. RESCON: Land and Resource Economics Network
An electronic forum in which environmental and resource economists can post and receive information relevant to their work.


13. EcoEarth.Info - The Environmental Sustainability Portal
An information gateway empowering the movement for environmental sustainability. 





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