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1.    A collection of Environmental Economics Courses offered Worldwide.
This list, compiled by IUCN, consists of environmental economics programs offered by universities in different countries around the world.


2.    Environment Eco. Unit( University of Gothenburg) 
is a post graduate department that focuses on environment and resource economics - provides Ph.D. scholarships, post- Ph.D. fellowships and offers summer courses for candidates from developing countries. 


3.    Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR) 
This site contains information on training and Ph. D programs in India, funding for environmental economics research and on employment. For more than 50 research projects in India funded by Environmental Economics Research Committee under the World Bank Project and the Ministry of Environment and Forests of Government of India, please visit following website.


4.    Pakistan Institute for Development Economics(PIDE) 
An important teaching and research institute in Pakistan. Provides information about publications, research programs and graduate training.


5.    University Of York: Department of Environment Economics and Environmental Management 
A multi-disciplinary department that does a lot of work
on development-environment economics. Site presents a good list of research publications and would be useful for students interested in studying in the UK.


6.    Graduate school of international relation and pacific studies 
This institute was founded in the mid-1980s in response to the needs of California businesses, the University of California's only Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies has is a new blueprint for international affairs and international management education.


7.    Team of Excellence in Natural Resource Managemen
The Team deals with natural resource economic issues in water, watershed and forestry with the specific objective of developing and strengthening the knowledge and research base in natural resource; economics analytical capabilities in finding solutions to natural resource economics problem and policy instruments to tackle natural resource economics issues. 






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