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Plagiarism and SANDEE Policy


A note on plagiarism
This site is hosted by the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. It provides introductory information on plagiarism.


Avoiding Plagiarism
This site is a part of the "Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies" in MIT; the site gives details on how plagiarism can be avoided.


Defining and avoiding plagiarism: WPA statement on best practices
The Council of Writing Program Administrators is a national association of college and university faculty with professional responsibilities for (or interests in) directing writing programs. This article discusses plagiarism in detail.


SANDEE's Policy on Plagiarism
All forms of academic dishonesty are unacceptable in SANDEE. Plagiarism is one of them and is considered a serious offence by SANDEE's Management and Advisory Committee. Plagiarism is unauthorized use of other people's work, ideas and/or writings (in part or in full) and presenting or giving notion of these work (s), ideas and/or writings being one's own work, idea (s) and/or writing(s). Plagiarism in any form in any SANDEE sponsored project document (s) in any media, written or otherwise, including proposals, progress reports, policy notes and/or briefs, working papers or any written or other media form is unacceptable. SANDEE takes plagiarism very seriously and will take immediate and appropriate action including and not limited to stop funding against any such researcher and/or grantees found guilty of plagiarism.


Instructions for Good Writing

Refer to the following websites and the resources (print and virtual) to familiarize yourself with how to write research and analytical papers in general



Writing Tools
This site provides help in good writing as well as in improving overall writing skills. The site is hosted by Harvard Institutes website.


Purdue Writing Lab and Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
The Purdue Writing Lab is primarily a tutorial center for writers. The Lab serves the entire Purdue community and offers outreach services to Internet users around the world via our Online Writing Lab (OWL).


A Writers Reference 
This is a companion Web site for A Writer's Reference. This site contains useful links and resources for both students and instructors.


The Writing Center
The Writing Center at Madison at the University of Wisconsin - Madison provides professional writing instructions.


Literature Review 


The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Conducting it 
This site hosted by the University of Toronto, provides useful information on writing a literature review.


Paraphrasing, summarizing and Using Quotations
This site provides links to different websites which gives instructions on paraphrasing, 

Writing with Sources
This site is designed for writing papers using sources and it provides instructions on how to cite other sources during the process of writing a paper.




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