Study Grant

S.N. Grantee Gender Grant Title Year

1 Zulfiqar Ali Male Shrimp Culture, Environment and Poverty: An Analysis of Rural Livelihoods in Coastal Bangladesh 2001 Bangladesh
2 Arabinda Mishra Male Development Induced Resource Depletion and Adaptive Strategies: A Micro Level Study of Displaced Tribals' Dependency on Shrinking Forest Resources 2001 India
3 L. Umamaheshwari Female Social Benefit -Cost Analysis of Shrimp Farming in the Coastal Tracts of Tamil Nadu State and Union Territory of Pondicherry 2002 India
4 Kishor Attreya Male Pesticide Use, Human Health and Farm Productivity in Jhikhu Khola Watershed, Kavrepalanchok District, Nepal 2003 Nepal
5 Baber Nasim Khan Male Towards Prevention of Water Pollution: An Analysis of Willingness to pay of Households and Expenditures of Government 2003 Pakistan
6 Lekha Mukhopadhyay Female The Analysis of Heterogeneity Effect on Peoples' Participation in Joint Management of Protected and Reserved Forests in West Bengal   2004 India
7 Widange Rupananda Male Rural Poverty and Forest Dependence: Empirical Evidences from Rural Areas of Sri Lanka 2004 Sri Lanka
8 Susmita Sahu Female An Ecosystem Approach to a Renewable Resource Management: Incorporating Biological and Socio-economic aspects into Fishery Management 2006 India
9 Ram Chandra Bhattarai Male Transactions Costs and Innovations of New Institutions in Community Resource Management in Nepal 2006 Nepal
10 Jogasankar Mahaprashasta Male Compliance Standard in Pollution Management: A Case Study on the Textile Industry of Bangladesh

2006  India
11 Nasima Chowdhury Female The Relative Efficiency of Water use in Bangladesh Agriculture

2007 Bangladesh
12 Santadas Ghosh Male Local Strategy to a Global Threat: Exploring Policy Alternatives in the Sunderban 2008 India
13 Moshahida Sultana Female Factors that Influence Two Conflicting Groups - Farmers and Fishermen - to Participate in the Integrated Water Resource Management: The Case of Coastal Areas of Bangladesh 2009 Bangladesh
14 Nadeem Abdul, Majeed Male Targeting and Distribution of Post-Flood aid in Punjab, Pakistan. A Critical analysis 2012 Pakistan
15 Asha Gunawardena Female Optimal Use of Policy Instruments to Control water Pollution in Sri Lanka 2012 Sri Lanka
16 Mehruna Chowdhury Female Compliance Standard in Pollution Management: A Case Study on the Textile Industry of Bangladesh 2012 Bangladesh
 17Mohammad Belal UddinMaleNon-Timber Forest Products Extraction Under different Forestry Institutions - An Ecological Economic Analysis from Bangladesh 2012 Bangladesh
 18Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan MaleBackground Study on Remote Village Electrification (RVE) Scheme of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India 2012 India
Sobia Rose Female

Impact of Climate Change on Morbidity and Mortality in Pakistan

2013 Pakistan
Mahfusur Rahman Male Environmental Regulation and Sustainable Growth in Bangladesh’s Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry 2014 Bangladesh



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