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S.N. Grantee Gender Grant Title Year Country
1 Mamata Swain Female Performance of area based crop yield and rainfall insurance scheme in Orissa 2010 India
2 Bishnu Prasad Sharma Male Examining the implications of REDD Payments on Livelihoods and Local Economic Development in Nepal 2010 Nepal
3 Khem Raj Dahal Male Organic Agriculture for cost effective production and for Climate Change Adaptation/Mitigation in Nepal 2010 Nepal
4 Saudamini Das Female Adaptation to Heat Waves: Evaluating the role of Awareness Campaign as an effective strategy to avert health risk 2010 India
5 Muhammad Iftikhar Ul Husnain Male Examining Organic Agriculture as a strategy to Adapt to Climate Change 2010 Pakistan
6 Santadas Ghosh Male Dynamics of Household's Adaptation and Resilience: Sundarban after Cyclone Aila 2010 India
7 Sudhakar Patra Male Does Non-timber Forest Products Price Policy in Odisha Need to Change? 2011 India
8 Kadambari Anantram Female Taxing the tiger? : Case Studies from Southern India 2011 India
9 Prabath Nishantha Edirisinghe Male Factors Encourage Slash and Burn Cultivation in Dry Zone Sri Lanka 2011 Srilanka
10 Harini Nagendra Female Conservation in a tightly coupled, fragile social-ecological system: investigating community inputs and forest outcomes in central India 2011 India
11 Rishi Ram Kattel Male Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) Technologies and Rural Livelihoods: Evidence of Adaptation to Climate Change in Nepal 2011 Nepal
12 R.Balasubramanian Male Climate Change and Ground Water Dynamics, A Hydro-Economic Analysis of Impacts and Adaptation in South India 2011 India
13 Bibhu Prasad Nayak Male Effectiveness of Public Expenditure for Tiger Conservation in India: A Country Level Study 2011 India
14 Heman D Lohano Male Impact of Climate Change on Migration in Pakistan 2011 Pakistan
15 Ngawang Dendup Male Valuation of sewage water treatment services in Bhutan 2012 Bhutan
16 Khondaker Golam Moazzem Male Industrial Waste management in the Backward Linkage Textile Sector of Bangladesh: Challenges for Ensuring Environmental Compliance Standards 2012 Bangladesh
17 Chandan Singha Male Revisiting Valuation of Soil Conservation Benefit of a watershed in Darjeeling, India 2012 India
18 Monjit Borthakur Male Does Urban Greenery Reduce the Cost of Cooling Homes 2012 India
19 Kanchana Wickramasinghe Female Environmental Management Practices in Hotel Sector in Sri Lanka 2012 Srilanka
20 Aradhna Aggarwal Female Aquisition of technological capabilities through the Clean Development Mechanism: Some quantitative explorations 2012 India
21 Muhammad Khan Male Valuation of Health Cost of Dust Pollution in Textile Industry in Faisalabad 2012 Pakistan
22 Inayatullah Jan Male Barriers to Adoptingg Improved Cookstoves in Rural Northwest Pakistan 2012 Pakistan
23 Dipendra Bhattarai Male Is Nepal's Renewable Energy Subsidy Policy Inline to Obtain its Objectives? 2012 Nepal
24 Bishal Bharadwaj Male Why the plastic bag ban decision works in one muncipality and does not in another? 2013 Nepal
25 Jagath C Edirisinghe Male Disrtibutional Impacts of Climate Change on Smallholder Agriculture 2013 Srilanka
26 Ghulam Samad Male Revisiting Valuation of Soil Conservation Benefit of a watershed in Darjeeling, India 2013 Pakistan



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