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S.N. Grantee Gender Grant Title Year Country
1 Somnath Hazra Male Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Rural household biogas system in Orissa state of India 2011 India
2 Wasantha Rathnayake Male Identification of economic incentives for turtle conservation at Rekawa Sanctuary in Sri Lanka 2011 Srilanka
3 Kazi Iqbal Male Climate Change, agriculture and Migration: Evidence from Bangladesh 2011 Bangladesh
4 Brinda Viswanathan Female Climate Change, Agricultural Impacts and Migration, Case Study of India 2011 India
5 Rajesh Kumar Rai Male Valuing Damages Caused by Invasive Plant Species in a Low Income Community 2011 Nepal
6 Bishnu Prasad Sharma Male Examining the implications of REDD Payments on Livelihoods and Local Economic Development in Nepal 2010 Nepal
7 Krishna Prasad Pant Male Exploring Alternatives to Open-Field crop residue Burning in Plains of Nepal 2010 Nepal
8 Kanupriya Gupta Female A study of appropriate tax and regulatory policies for the use of plastic bags in urban India 2010 India
9 Bashir Ahmad/Tanvir Male Economics of Rice Crop Residue Burning in Rice Wheat Cropping System of the Punjab, Pakistan 2010 Pakistan
10 Kishor Goswami Male Sustainability of Biodiesel Industry in North East India 2010 India
11 Prajna Paramita Mishra Female Recreation vs. Pollution: A study of Hussain Sagar Lake and its surrounding in Hyderabad 2010 India
12 V. Saravanakumar Male Economic Impact of Climate Change on Yield Variability of Major Food Crops in Tamil Nadu 2010 India
13 Mohammad Ziaul Haider Male Economics of Rice Residue Burning in the South-West region of Bangladesh 2010 Bangladesh
14 Ridhima Gupta Female The economic causes of crop residue burning in the Rice-Wheat System of the Indo-Gangetic Plain 2009 India
15 Afsana Haque Female Impact of Climate Change in Bangladesh: A Multi-sector Analysis 2009 Bangladesh
16 Ajantha Kalyanaratne Male Measuring the morbidity of Indoor air pollution for the Tea sector workers in Sri Lanka in terms of Productivity loss 2009 Srilanka
17 Yamini Gupt Female A Study of the EPR based Deposit-Refund System for Batteries in Delhi and National Capital Region 2009 India
18 Prakash Karn Male Impacts of climate change on paddy production in Nepal 2009 Nepal
19 Kalyan Das Male Valuing Damages of Flood Induced Sand Deposition in a Downhill Valley: Case of a Rice Bowl of Assam in India 2009 India
20 Khuda Bakhsh Male Economics of Adopting BT Cotton: Evidence from Pakistani Punjab 2008 Pakistan
21 Ali Dehlavi Male Valuing Recreational Use of Pakistan’s Wetlands: Application of Discrete Choice Travel Cost Method 2008 Pakistan
22 Gautam Gupta Male Valuation of an Ecosystem its Impact on Livelihood Support: The Case Study of East Calcutta Wetlands 2008 India
23 Nayanatara Nayak Female Alternatives to Fuel wood use in Tobacco Curing in India The Economic Feasibilities and determinants of their use 2008 India
24 Nasima Chowdhury Female The Relative Efficiency of Water Use in Bangladesh Agriculture 2008 Bangladesh
25 Muhammad Rafiq Male The Value of Life: Evidence from Labor Markets in Pakistan 2008 Pakistan
26 Udith Jayasinghe Male Motives for Firms to adopt Solid Waste Management Controls: case of Food Processing sector in Sri Lanka 2008 Srilanka
27 Sakib Mahmud Male Valuation of the Storm Protection Services of Mangrove Forests under Storm Surges and Cyclones 2008 Bangladesh
28 Rucha Ghate Female Decentralization In Forest Management: Changing Incentives And Attitudes Through JFM 2007 India
29 Asha Gunawardena Female Policy options to solve post-tsunami coastal fishery issues in Sri Lanka 2007 Srilanka
30 Naveen Adhikari Male Valuing Health Benefits of Air Pollution Reduction in Kathmandu Valley 2007 Nepal
31 Dilhani Marawila Female The Recreational Use Value of Diyawanna Oya Wet Land Eco System: An Application of Travel Cost Method 2007 Srilanka
32 Bishnu Prasad Sharma Male Poverty Alleviation through Forest Resource Management: An Analysis of Leasehold Forestry Practice in Nepal 2007 Nepal
33 Ram Chandra Bhattarai Male Assessment of Transactions Costs and Evolution of New Institutions in Community Managed Irrigation System (CMIS) in Nepal 2007 Nepal
34 Muhammad Irfan Male Evaluating the impact of disamenity (open sewage system) on housing prices (rent) in Rawalpindi City 2006 Pakistan
35 Prasenjit Sarkhel Male Examining Private Participation in Embankment Maintenance in the Indian Sundarbans 2006 India
36 Tanzir A. Chowdhury Male Valuing Health Benefits of Air Pollution Reduction in Dhaka City: Cost of Illness Approach 2006 Bangladesh
37 Md. Jahangir Alam Male Valuing Impact of Diarrhea on Child Health in Slum: Evidence on Water and Sanitation 2006 Bangladesh
38 Md. Jahangir Alam Choudhury Male Poverty, Environment and Microcredit: An Assesment of the Impact of Micro-credit based Social Forestry on Poverty on Bangladesh 2005 Bangladesh
39 Ratna Kr. Jha Male Benefit and costs of Pesticide use in Vegetable Farming in Nepal 2005 Nepal
40 C. Bogahawatte Male Economic Valuation of Health and Agricultural Impacts of Households: case of cement Air Pollution in Puttalam District of Sri Lanka 2005 Srilanka
41 Ridish Pokharel Male Community Forestry and Poverty Reduction in Nepal 2005 Nepal
42 Saudamini Das Female Economic valuation of Storm Protection Function: A Case Study of Mangrove Forests of Orissa, India 2005 India
43 Min Bikram Malla Male Burden of Indoor Pollution and Viability of Its Mitigation Efforts:A Case of Rural Nepal 2005 Nepal
44 Jagath Edirsinghe Male Water Pollution by Rubbery Industry: Health Cost and Abatement 2005 Srilanka
45 K. S. Kavi Kumar Male Climate Change Impacts on Indian Agriculture: Role of Information Diffusion, Technological Development and Multiple Stressors 2005 India
46 L. Umamaheshwari Female Environmental Externalities of Shrimp Farming on Agriculture in Coastal Tracts of Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Pondicherry, India 2005 India
47 Krishna Prasad Pant Male Demand for Alternative Technologies for Reduction of Indoor Air Pollution in Rural Areas of Central Nepal 2004 Nepal
48 Indrila Guha Female Estimation of Pro- PoorTourism potential in Indian Sunderbans 2004 India
49 Neetu Chopra Female The Effect of Natural Resource Scarcity on Household's and Women's Time Allocation Decisions in Rural India. 2004 India
50 M. Zakir Hossain Khan Male Economic cost of Arsenic Contamination in Drinking Water and an Analysis of Coping Strategies for Adverting a Social Disaster- Policy options for Bangladesh 2004 Bangladesh
51 Kishor Atreya Male Pesticide use, Human Health and Farm Productivity in Jhinku Khola Watershed, Kavrepalanchowk District, Nepal 2004 Nepal
52 Purnamita Dasgupta Female CPR as Drivers of Development: A Study of NTFPs in Himachal Pradesh, India 2003 India
53 W.R. Rohita Female A research Proposal for Economic Valuation of Dutch Canal Associated Wetlands Putt 2003 Srilanka
54 D.M.A.H Senaratne Male An Investigation of Socio- Economic and Institutional Factors that Determine the Sustainable Management of Inland Aquatic Resources in Dry Zone Sri Lanka 2003 Srilanka
55 Arun KC Male Economics of Non Timber Forest Products Conservation and Management in Pyuthan District of Nepal 2003 Nepal
56 Himayatullah Khan Male Valuation of Environmental Resources: A case study of Margalla Hills National Park in Northern Pakistan 2002 Pakistan
57 E. Somanathan Male Income and Information Elasticities of Demand for Environmental Quality 2002 India
58 Vijay Prasad Ojha Male Trade- off between Carbon Emissions, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in India 2002 India
59 S. Madheswaran Male Valuations of Life and Injury Risks 2001 India
60 Joyashree Roy Female An Analysis of Demand for Water Quality in Arsenic Prone Areas of West Bengal. 2001 India
61 Arabinda Mishra Male A Micro Level Study of Displaced Tribals' dependency on Shrinking Forests Resources 2001 India
62 Seema Purushothaman Female Economics of Land Use Options in a Tropical Degraded Dry Deciduous Tract 2001 India
63 Rucha Ghate Female Institutional Structure and Sustainable Collective Action 2001 India
64 Pranab Mukhopadhyay Male Environment, Interest Groups,Prosperity Rights and Local Self Government 2001 India
65 Vinish Kathuria Male Industrial Pollution Control: Choosing the Right Option 2000 India
66 Amita Shah Female Migration and Induced Farm Investment Under Fragile Natural Resources: A Study of Dryland and Forest Regions in India 2000 India
67 R. Balasubramanian Male Interrelationship between Private Coping Mechanisms and Common Property Natural Resource Management in South India 2000 India
68 Bhim Adhikari Male Property Rights and Natural Resources: Socio-Economic Heterogeneity and Distributional Implication of Common Property Resource Management in Nepal 2000 Nepal
69 Kinkini Hemachandra Female Understanding Shifts to Environmental Management Systems of Textile and Garment Industry in Sri Lanka 2012 Srilanka



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