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S.N. Grantee Gender Grant Title Year Country
1 Dayani Gunathilaka Female Economic Consequences of Climate Change for Sri Lankan Tea Production 2014 Sri Lanka
2 Upasna Sharma Female Assessing value of agro-met advisory services of India Meteorological Department to farmers in Haryana 2014 India
3 Sajid Amin Javed Male Measuring the Vulnerability of Households to Climate Change- A Capacity to Adapt Perspective 2014 Pakistan
4 Manjula Menon Female Incentivising Ecosystem Services from Private Property: A Study of Paddy Wetlands of Wayanad, Kerala 2014 India
5 Mahfusur Rahman Male Environmental Compliance Costs: The Case of the Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry of Bangladesh 2014 Bangladesh
6 Amalendu Jyotishi Male What Role Property Rights Play in Informal Mining-Based Livelihoods? Investigating the Context of Gold mining in Nilgiri-Wayanad Region of India 2014 India
7 Sangeeta Bansal Female Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility Expenditure in India: Effect of New Regulation Regarding Mandatory CSR 2014 India
8 Roshan Sherchan Male Financing measures and strategies against Human Elephants Conflict in Jhapa , Eastern Nepal: A Choice Experiment 2014 Nepal
9 Tshering Thinley Male Determinants of Household's cooking fuel choices in Rural Bhutan 2014 Bhutan
10 Allwin Jesudasan Male Assessing Adaptive capacity of farmers to water shortage in the Tamarabani River Basin 2014 India
11 Chandrasekhar Bahinipati Male Will Climate change adaptation enhance farm productivity? A study of micro-irrigation systems (MIS) in Gujarat, India 2014 India
12 Ajaz Ahmad Male Household level farmers flood adaptation measures in Nowshera district, KP Pakistan 2014 Pakistan
13 Mohammad Ashraful Haque Male Do community level disaster risk reduction interventions motivate adaptive behavior at the household level? A study of comprehensive disaster management program in the coastal zone of Bangladesh 2014 Bangladesh
14 Kavita Sardana Female Economic Value of Biodiversity Conservation provided by Forest and Agro-forest Ecosystems in Kodagu District 2014 India
15 Nandakaji Budhathoki Male Nepalese Farmer's Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change 2014 Nepal
16 Chatura Rodrigo Male Economic Analysis of Organic Rice Production in Sri Lanka: Opportunity Cost of Supply Vs Willingness to Pay 2014 Srilanka
17 Mahfuz Kabir Male Valuation and Emission Accounting of Subsoil Minerals: The case of Natural Gas and coal in Bangladesh 2014 Bangladesh
18 Surender Kumar Male Embodied Carbon Trade and Trade Resistances: Evidence from South Asian Countries 2014 India
19 Narendra Bahadur Chand Male Provision of ecosystem services and their trade offs and synergies in the watersheds of Nepal 2014 Nepal
20 Ihtsham Ul Haq Padda Male Compliance with Cleaner Production: An Appraisal of Training Industry Sialkot, Pakistan 2014 Pakistan
21 Phurpa Dorji Male Has mitigation strategies balanced the needs of human and wildlife in Langchenphu Gewog? 2013 Bhutan
22 Jamyang Choda Male Evaluation of Mitigation Measures Used for Wildlife Protection: A case study in Bartsham Gewog, Trashigang, Bhutan 2013 Bhutan
23 Sangay Rinzin Male Evaluation of Mitigation Measures on Human Wild Life Conflict: A case study of wild pigs in Kangling Geog. 2013 Bhutan
24 Nandu Giri Male Evaluation of Mitigation Practices on Human Elephant Conflicts in Sipsu Gewog Samtse, Bhutan 2013 Bhutan
25 Mohamed Shumais Male Ecolabeling in the Maldives:Case of skip jack tuna fisheries 2013 Maldives
26 Wasantha Athukorala Male Valuation of crop genetic resources: Farmer preferences for Banana diversity and genetically modified Banana in Sri Lanka 2013 Srilanka
27 Atonu Rabbani Male On identifying the Casual Links between Local Political Leadership and Sanitaion 2013 Bangladesh
28 Unmesh Patnaik Male Effect of Livelihood Intervention Programmes on Adaptive Capacity of Households Odisha,India 2013 India
29 Arjun Baral Male Effectiveness of Pollution Control Certification(PCC) in Brick and Cement Industries of Eastern Nepal 2013 Nepal
30 R K Amit Male Coping Strategies and Coping for Accessing Safe Water in Chennai, India 2013 India
31 Amrita Ghatak Female Environmental Regulations and Compliance in the Textile Dyes Sector of Gujarat, India 2013 India
32 Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan Male Remote village electrification in India through solar home system assessment and options 2013 India
33 Om Kattel Male The cost of Up-stream Landuse Change for Ecosystem Service in Toebesa Watershed, Punakha, Bhutan 2013 Bhutan
34 EPN Udayakumara Male Assessment of Soil Conservation Benefits of Uma-Oya Watershed in Sri Lanka 2013 Srilanka
35 Mohammad Belal Uddin Male An Ecological and Economic Analysis of Different Forest Management Institutions in Bangladesh 2013 Bangladesh
36 Ruchi Badola Female Economics of living in the wild: cost-benefit analysis for the forest corridor linking the Rajaji-Corbett National Parks, Uttarakhand 2012 India
37 Waqar Akram Male Adoption of biogas as an Alternative Energy Source? Evidence from Rural Pakistani Punjab 2012 Pakistan



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